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The Zisa Machine says developers don't pay taxes.
"That's BULLS#@&!"
CHECK THE FACTS: Hackensack is Getting $10 Million A Year!

Candidates backed by the Zisa Machine keep repeating the same “Developers don’t pay any taxes” lie over and over again. This is absolutely false. The truth is that the City is gaining over $10 Million a Year in additional tax revenue as these projects are completed. And that’s just from developers  -- it doesn’t include millions more in additional tax revenue from the dozens of businesses that are opening on and around Main Street. 


The Zisa candidates believe that if they keep repeating the same “Big Lie” over and over that people will be fooled. Unfortunately in some cases this is true. So it’s up to us to set the record straight and tell you the truth so you can share it with your friends and family. 


The tax revenue Hackensack is getting from development is paying for terrific improvements to our city. The new and expanded M&M Recreation Center is finished. An indoor Sports Dome for residents is being built at Johnson Park. There’s a new Atlantic Street Park and every city park is being improved. Hundreds of streets are being repaved and a major sewer construction project that is underway will tackle severe flooding problems. Our Police Officers are among the first in Bergen County to be equipped with body cameras. Our City’s future has never been brighter! 


It’s also true that City Government Taxes (not including school or county taxes) are almost $1.5 million lower today than 2018 -- and that’s the best record on cutting taxes in Bergen County and one of the best in the entire state.  You can prove this for yourself by checking the facts at 


When Jack and Ken Zisa controlled Hackensack, our Downtown looked like a Ghost Town. That’s because their corrupt political machine mismanaged city government and had no vision for our future. All they ever cared about was loading up the city and school payrolls with friends and relatives. Today the Zisa Boys want to run Hackensack again so they can take control of hundreds of millions of dollars in construction projects going on all over the city. You know why! Don’t let it happen.

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